Italian Sausage Corndogs

So I had to try something new. Not too long ago, I made homemade corndogs with Hebrew National Hot Dogs. They were unbelievably great! So, when SheSpeaks gave me the opportunity to try Johnsonville Italian Sausage and sent me a neat little package with coupons and recipe ideas, I felt the desire to do something out of the ordinary for Italian Sausage. Of course, there are always the regulars: pastas, pizzas, soups, fajitas, etc. I think I had heard of Italian Sausage Corndogs at a fair or something one time but never anywhere else.

They turned out really good! I would say, though, that they were a little filling, but the flavors really came out and were not buried as they can be in some recipes.

Here is what I did:

I made 15 of them for 9 people. I cooked the Italian Sausage in a large skillet in water until cooked. Then I dried them off and put a bamboo skewer through each. I made a cornbread batter of 3 cups flour, 3 cups cornmeal, 4 eggs, 1/4 cup sugar and about 2 cups of milk. It’s important to make it thick enough to hold onto the dog. Dipped and spread the batter on each dog and fried in a skillet in about 2 inches of peanut oil until golden brown. Yum!





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One Response to Italian Sausage Corndogs

  1. Jenny says:

    Such a great idea for corndogs, super cute pictures!

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