Finally back!

Hello Blog! So glad to be back. I thought I would first take a posting to explain the break.
It has been a long hard journey that has required focus and extreme determination but we did it! We got out of California! We now have great jobs and own a home, have kids in great schools, and breathe healthy, mountain air all day long. The Pacific Northwest is a great place. People even look healthier up here.
We recognized that we needed a change and that So. Cal life was not what it used to be. Things were changing for the worse and life was no longer sustainable or safe for our family.
With no savings, no jobs, and kids depending on us, we left everything we knew and ventured 1200 miles away with everything we owned (after downsizing quite a bit). We rented a house on a lake for a month while I found work, moved to a terrible apartment complex for 2 months to save money while working and finding a house. My husband found work and we closed on a beautiful home with a monthly payment the same as the apartment, the weekend before Halloween. I then found another, much better job that I started 2 weeks later.
I think back to the difficult few months and the apartment in the bad part of town where we we woke up all hours of the night to the drug users yelling next door, the first 2 jobs I had here that I really disliked and how fortunate I am to have one I love now. We think of how fortunate we are that the kids go to schools they love and that the views we have on a daily basis are like they are out of a photo gallery.
It has been probably the most stressful 6 months of our lives making this journey but we can honestly say now that it was worth it. I recommend it to anyone but at the same time I don’t and will definitely say that it is not for the faint of heart. There is no reason to be afraid to make a drastic change. It just takes unfailing determination. Just because you grew up somewhere does not mean you are stuck there forever.
So I am back to blogging and can’t wait to start sharing with everyone again!


About sensiblemama

A working mother who does it all while keeping it simple, healthy and saving money! Plus, some exciting recipes!
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