Cookbooks for Fun

I have 2 cookbooks that I keep for fun but have not made any of the recipes inside them. Both of them came to me from my stepmom Lisa, who probably has the largest cookbook collection I have ever seen, and she knows every single book she has inside and out.
“White Trash Cooking” by Ernest Matthew Mickler is a very interesting and old fashioned book. The author grew up in the deep South and put together the recipes from family and friends who cooked the food he grew up with. Some include Mary Linder’s Washday Soup, Lucy’s Guaranteed Stewed Prunes, Kiss Me Not Sandwich (lots of sliced onion), Kitchen Sink Tomato Sandwich, and much, much more! I do actually want to make the Red Beans and Rice on page 16. The will be my challenge this week and I will post the recipe as soon as I do!
The other book is called “A Man, A Can, A Plan” by David Joachim and the editors of Men’s Health. This interesting book contains “50 Great Guys Meals Even You Can Make!” These are very simple meals consisting of mostly canned goods and are things that most guys would really eat. Actually, most girls probably would too. I don’t buy too much processed foods but I do have to commend the authors of this book for making a book that is so easy to follow and makes cooking so not intimidating. So much healthier than eating out or getting pizza! Some of the recipes include Mandarin Chicken Express with canned chicken, frozen broccoli, canned water chestnuts and canned mandarin oranges; Tijuana Mac and Beef with a can of pinto beans, a pound of ground beef, two cans of tomatoes, and a box of macaroni; Green Grocer Goulash with a can of mixed vegetables, a can of baked beans, a can of vegetable broth, and a bag of noodles; Homeboy Homefries with cans of potatoes, a jar of green chiles, and a chopped red bell pepper; and many more! Really, it’s a fun book with some simple ideas.







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A working mother who does it all while keeping it simple, healthy and saving money! Plus, some exciting recipes!
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