Happy St. Patrick’s Day

’tis a day celebrated in this country with food, beer, and parades! Being so conscious of the food that goes into the mouths of my family, I was thrilled to find Uncured Corned Beef at Trader Joes! Now my family can enjoy that meat they love and I have a little less worry about stomach cancer, among other things. If you haven’t discovered Uncured Ham that they sell around the holidays and Easter, then you are missing out. For some reason, a lack of Sodium Nitrite makes it taste better to me and my family agrees.
Today on the menu is Uncured Corned Beef, organic carrots, and organic potatoes in the crock pot. Later I will add the cabbage to the pot. Everyone is looking forward to it. No parades today that we know of here but we still don’t know everything the locals know yet so maybe there is something. Even our old home town in sunny So Cal had to cancel their parade because of rain. Nothing much gets cancelled due to rain up here in Seattle! They pretty much do everything in the rain here. No big deal.
Breakfast was a little special today too. I made a last minute decision to make green French Toast! I had made burgers last night so I had 2 leftover buns and there had been leftover dough that I made into a small loaf of French bread and baked before bed last night. 2 eggs, milk, and a tiny drop of green food color (I don’t usually use this but for this rare occasion) and yummy!
Have a great celebration everyone!






About sensiblemama

A working mother who does it all while keeping it simple, healthy and saving money! Plus, some exciting recipes!
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