Easy Corn Burritos

A lot of local food places in Southern California have a menu item called Corn Burritos. I first heard of them served at one of the greatest restaurants we have ever known of, Mike’s Fiesta Restaurant in Ventura. A couple of guys, originally from the Middle East, opened this wonderful Mexican food restaurant years ago and worked so hard, making the best food and gaining tons of loyal customers. They recently closed their doors and their customers miss them a lot.
A very popular menu item was the Corn Burrito Surprise, consisting of 13 corn burritos in a sunshine pattern with finely shredded cheese topping the middle.
The Montalvo Little League snack bar was very well known for it’s homemade corn burritos. Having worked in the snack bar more times than I wanted to, I witnessed some of the technique, all but the assembly.
We don’t eat out much at all but where we have looked, we have not found corn burritos in the Seattle area. Therefore, there has been over a year with no corn burritos!
So, in a moment of – “We have no meat in the fridge and people in the house insist on meat, OR something very exciting”, I had the brilliant idea to do something I have never done before – make corn burritos!
I always have a tall package of Guerrero corn tortillas in the fridge for tacos and huevos rancheros and I had bought a few cans of Trader Joes Salsa Style Refried Beans recently just for quick meals when I don’t feel like making beans from scratch. Current events in my life have to allow for that.
So I lightly fried a bunch of the corn tortillas in sunflower oil and drained them in paper towels. I opened 2 cans of the TJ’s Refried Beans and spooned a little beans in each tortillas and rolled it up, securing with a toothpick. Then I fried them in my big cast iron pan with a bunch of sunflower oil mixed with a little bacon grease. After golden brown, I removed toothpicks and placed on a round pan. I grated some cheddar on the small grate and topped the middle of the pan extending out.
Needless to say, I received no complaints about dinner…..





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A working mother who does it all while keeping it simple, healthy and saving money! Plus, some exciting recipes!
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